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North Akron Savings Bank Announces Partnership with Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS)


Providing convenient payment methods for your customers is important to the survival of your business. To remain competitive, attract more customers, and generate more sales, North Akron Savings Bank recommends partnering with an industry leader: Electronic Merchant Systems.

�Today, more than 80 percent of all U.S. households own at least one bankcard (Mastercard or Visa). There are more than 470 million bankcards in circulation. VISA and MC cards represent more than $900 billion dollars in buying power.�

With EMS you can increase sales potential, improve cash flow, and cut collection costs. When you accept credit cards, you eliminate mistakes in cash handling and reduce the risk of non-collectable checks. Your customers will have the freedom to make impulse purchases and the ability to purchase more. You will attract more customers and gain the loyalty of new customers by accepting credit cards as a payment option.

Processing with EMS is easy, authorizations take less than 14 seconds, and your funds are deposited in less than 72 hours. In addition, they support your business needs by providing a 24 hour help desk. Fast authorizations, value added services, low processing costs, and friendly professional service will give you an important advantage in a rapidly changing market place.

North Akron Saving Bank�s goal is to bring you more customers, increase your sales volume, and most of all, increase your profits. Every day you do business without transaction processing capability is a day you miss out on a significant business-building opportunity.

To take advantage of EMS benefits call or stop by any one of our six convenient locations.

Questions and Answers

Q: Who is Electronic Merchant Systems?
EMS is ranked among the top merchant providers in the United States and, has been serving the financial needs of businesses since 1987. With more than 100 branch offices across the United States, EMS offers a wide range of merchant services, offering retail and internet businesses the most complete solutions available.

Q: What is merchant account processing?
Merchant account processing services are provided by a bank or a third party processor (on behalf of the bank) to the merchant. These services include authorization of credit cards, settlement of funds through the bankcard associations (MasterCard/Visa), depositing of funds to checking accounts, merchant billing, and account activity reporting.

Q: How will I get paid for credit card transactions?
Funds are automatically transferred to your business checking account via an electronic ACH transfer 48 to 72 hours after a transaction has been "captured" and settled for payment. For example, credit card transactions submitted on a Monday will be funded on Wednesday or Thursday of the same week.

Q: Will I receive statements?
Yes. Electronic Merchant Systems offers Internet-based reporting, that gives you online access to review your daily sales, financial history, and other pertinent account information. There is no additional cost for this service. In addition you will receive a paper statement at the end of each month.

Q: What credit card types can I accept?
You will automatically be set up for Visa and MasterCard transactions. On the application, you will have the option to also accept American Express, Diner's Club, Discover, and JCB.

Q: What type of bank account do I need?
A business checking account is preferred; however, if you do not have a business account, a personal account that is primarily used for the business and is in the owner's name is acceptable. Your bank account will be credited and debited via ACH methods.

North Akron Savings Bank offers business checking accounts.

Q: Am I required to have a physical storefront to process credit cards with Electronic Merchant Systems?
No, this is not a requirement.

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS)
National Headquarters
5005 Rockside Rd, Ste PH100
Independence, OH 44131
1-800-558-4367, Ext. 1300 or 3019