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Corporate Directory

Dial (330) 434-9137 for any of our five convenient locations. Just ask for the office nearest you: Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Munroe Falls, Norton, or Stow.

Customer Service and General Information: (330) 434-9137
Checking and Savings Services: (330) 252-4504
Personal and Commercial Mortgage Lending: (330) 252-4514

Akron Office Phone E-Mail
Deb Adams
(330) 252-4517 deb.adams@banknasb.com
Paula Childers
(330) 252-4516 paula.childers@banknasb.com
Rosina DeChecco
ATM Coordinator
(330) 252-4510 rosina.dechecco@banknasb.com
Dawn Ferrell
Loan Processor
(330) 252-4511 dawn.ferrell@banknasb.com
Doris Floyd
Loan Officer
(330) 252-4507 doris.floyd@banknasb.com
Lori Graham
Senior Vice President and CFO
(330) 252-4503 lori.graham@banknasb.com
Stephen Hailer
President and CEO
(330) 252-4500 stephen.hailer@banknasb.com
Jill Hanna
Senior Vice President and
Internal Auditor
(330) 252-4502 jill.hanna@banknasb.com
Karen Ibsen
Loan Servicing Manager
(330) 252-4514 karen.ibsen@banknasb.com
Tracy Jensen
Vice President of Marketing and
Shareholder Services
(330) 252-4506 tracy.jensen@banknasb.com
Kathie Procaccio
Loan Processor
(330) 252-4513 kathy.procaccio@banknasb.com
Damon Rivers
Network Administrator
(330) 252-4519 damon.rivers@banknasb.com
Amy Scanlon
Accounts Payable
(330) 252-4512 amy.scanlon@banknasb.com
Tina Scheetz
Office Manager
(330) 252-4508 tina.scheetz@banknasb.com
Jennifer Sibit
Vice President of Mortgage
(330) 252-4505 jennifer.sibit@banknasb.com
Gwen Thompson
Human Resources
(330) 252-4518 gwen.thompson@banknasb.com
Mary Warner
Savings Services
(330) 252-4504 mary.warner@banknasb.com
Kurt Winebrenner
Executive Vice President
and COO
(330) 252-4501 kurt.winebrenner@banknasb.com
Cuyahoga Falls Office Phone E-Mail
Cris Hertle
Office Manager
(330) 252-4521 cris.hertle@banknasb.com
Lorrie Shaffer
Vice President of Private Banking
(330) 252-4515 lorrie.shaffer@banknasb.com
Munroe Falls Office Phone E-Mail
Jennifer Brannon
Loan Officer
(330) 252-4523 jennifer.brannon@banknasb.com
DeDe King
New Accounts Counselor
(330) 252-4524 debra.king@banknasb.com
Joette Mauck
Office Manager
(330) 252-4524 joette.mauck@banknasb.com
Norton Office Phone E-Mail
Phillip First
Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending
(330) 252-4522 phil.first@banknasb.com
Linda Leonti
Office Manager
(330) 252-4530 linda.leonti@banknasb.com
Stow-Kent Office Phone E-Mail
Patricia Boarman
Office Manager
(330) 252-4509 patricia.boarman@banknasb.com
Star Dack
New Accounts Counselor
(330) 252-4509 star.dack@banknasb.com